Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Going Private

Hi All,

Thanks so much for reading, but I've decided to go private. If you are interested in reading along in the future, you'll need to send me your email address so I can give you access.

Thanks so much!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekly Workout Wrap Up - On My Mind

Sorry for the delay in my weekly workouts recap (I'm sure you've lost sleep over it). :) Life seems way to busy to be blogging, it's definitely not a top priority. Please pardon my grammatical errors and such, editing is a thing of the past, I do miss reading blogs though. Several of my original blog friends have books out and crazy popular blogs. I'm so happy for them...they're still going strong! Plus, is it me or has Instagram taken over the blogging world? Don't answer that, I've known this for some time and yet I still blog. 

Weekly Workouts
Monday: 5 miles run/walk
Tuesday: 3 mile run 
Wednesday: Les Mills Burn (weights)
Thursday: run 3
Friday: 3 miles run/walk
Saturday: 6 miles run/walk

Now for the good stuff...

Teresa and Joe Giudice. I can't believe they're going to prison. 
Yes, they deserve it but I have a soft spot in my heart do I say this?...not so smart people. I do love her court outfit on this particular day. I was happy to hear Joe say on Watch What Happens Live the other night, that his suit was a 2 for. As in, he got two Italian suits, two shirts and two ties for $250. If that doesn't prove they've changed their ways, I don't know what does!? Although I'm pretty sure Teresa was mortified at his sharing of that information. Seriously though, I think the judge was extremely kind to give them staggered sentences AND allow them to spend the holidays with their kids. I'm gonna miss Teresa...maybe they'll allow the cameras in the cell. 
I kid.

Eeek! I know. I think my brother just hit the floor. Sorry Jeff. I just have to share this image (from Google Images, not our patient). I had the opportunity to assist in an alveoloplasty a few weeks ago. I'm still on a high. It's a procedure to prep (shave down) the bone for dentures. I won't go into gory details...but it was pretty boss AND I didn't even pass out. I had to just keep telling myself, "He needs our help and somebody's gotta do it". It took three hours (for just the lower arch), then the patient will be back several weeks from now for the upper arch. Lucky for me the clinic was short handed that day so I was the assistant. It kinda made me want to go into oral surgery assisting, but then again...probably not. I couldn't get the image out of my head that night when I tried to fall asleep. 

My love muffin Jaxon turned sixteen last week. I have yet to practice driving with him and from what Kimball tell's me, "It's scary as shi*" so I'm in no hurry. Jax and I had a fun day together since he was on fall break. Besides redeeming his Joe's BBQ free birthday lunch, the crazy kid just wanted some cash and a trip to several Goodwill's to buy more used books. As if he didn't already have enough!! That night we had a little pool party for him with several of his friends, and my boss Joni and her daughter Addi. It was all fun and games, until we walked back over to the food area only to find the giant roaches from the big palm trees were literally crawling all over the pizza's and veggies. 
I die.

I'm a cuddler.
Incidentally, so is my tween Kaden. My biggest fear is that he'll make a career out of it. People do that you know? For only $60 an hour you can hire a cuddler to come to your house. No funny business, just all the snuggles you can fit into an hour. 

My Rich Daddy O is getting hitched. I'm happy for him. I haven't met her yet, but he looks and sounds happy so that's all that matters. I can't say I don't feel a little sad. He and my mom were married for 53 years before she passed away last year. It's strange to think about and I have to say I feel a little guilty (or disloyal to my mom) for even saying I'm happy for him, but oh well. It is what it is and he's a super young 73 year old so... 
Go Dad!

If you don't find this funny, we can't be friends. I mean it.

I'm off to get my 4 miles in + 40 min. of cross training. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Workouts - Playing Catch Up

'Weekly Workout Wrap Up'

Monday - 60 min. weights, treadmill run/walk 3 miles
Saturday - treadmill run/walk 6 miles, T-25 cardio 
Sunday - Outdoor run (2 miles), run/walk (3 miles)

I plan to squeeze in another workout tonight - Les Mills Pump. I need to quit making the "been busy" excuse and get my workouts in on the planned day as much as possible. I ended up getting them all in, but I know it'll be a smarter way to train if my body has more time to rest between mileage.

I finally took Jaxon to get his learners permit. He has been refusing for the longest and Tuesday he turns sixteen. I decided to just force him because with him going to school out in Chandler, it's just necessary. Especially now that I'm working! Of course, as we were leaving he asked if he could drive home and I said, "Hell no!" (while clenching my heart of course). :) I guess I'll have to ease into the idea. Lol. 

I know, I know. I'm probably the last girl out there to buy a running skirt. I got a sweat offer from for 70% off, bringing it to around $20. I couldn't pass it up and I'm glad I didn't. It's SO comfy and cool, plus the zipper pocket I found in the back (after the fact) will be great for a key and fuel. I also love the built in undies because going commando in a skirt is highly frowned upon!! Plus, six miles and T25 with no chaffing is pretty good.

After some major monsoon storms, I was finally convinced to get my but out of bed while it was somewhat cooler. I was sore from Saturday's workout, so I just ran two and walk/ran the last three. The sky was beyond beautiful and I was reminded of all the reasons I should be running outside. Leaving my phone at home was way less distracting, no I couldn't take numerous selfie's but I was able to think about my goals and life. Lots of time to think...but I needed it. I should also mention, after using the treadmill all summer, running to music rather than Bravo TV was pretty amazing. Of course, I was able to dance a little too without being thrown off the treadmill belt. Always a bonus.

This morning I got on the Internet only to find my Georgie got married! What? I thought for sure he'd drag out the engagement for two years and eventually call it off. What happened to "I'll never get married?" At least she's more than just model. I guess she's got a lot going for her like money, a law career, legs for miles and crazy good looks. 

Have a fab week!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Arizona Cardinals - Children's Charity Event

Bright Island Outreach Team - Photo credit: Dr. Diaz
I've been lacking on the blogging front lately.  The past five weeks I've been spending many days dental assisting at the DORA Dental Clinic and interning in the offices at ASDOH. Today I had a fun opportunity to attend the Team Smile children's charity event. It was held in Glendale at the Arizona Cardinals stadium.

That's actually my mouth...I'm showing off my beautiful new crown. 
I've SO enjoyed the new opportunities that have come my way since meeting Dr. Harris and Joni last spring, and have I mentioned how much I love working (and hanging with all my new friends)? Just awesome, generous, and hard working people...there's no other way to put it! 
We're also planning some more mission trips with Bright Island Outreach, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Workouts - I wish I could report to you with a week of workouts, but sadly I have been running around so much, that all I fit in was a 3 mile treadmill walk and an hour of weights on Monday. Gees I was sore!! I'll really need to figure out how to muster up the energy to get my sweat on even while working. I know many of you do it with full time jobs and kids, so any pointers would be great. It's going to have to be early mornings again I think because I'm pretty worthless at night. :) Looks like I'll have to have some killer-long workouts this weekend to make up for it. As for my eating, I've done awesome with my portion control but need to eat more veggies and drink more water. I'm feeling kinda puffy around the middle. 

Hope you all have a fab weekend, and I'll try to blog more often.


Monday, September 15, 2014

My Before and Afters

This is the first time I've taken before and after pics. I still have a long ways to go, but I'm happy with the results so far. I would have NEVER realized there was such a difference without them. It definitely motivates me to keep going. I'm anxious to see what they look like two months from now. 

It's pretty simple.
Eat less, move more.

After a few years of ongoing back pain, losing my mom suddenly and other personal stuff...I found myself up 17 pounds. Having back pain is the worst, but luckily around April I found relief. I started seeing  a chiropractor, but I honestly think it was a large ovarian cyst I had that was putting pressure on my tailbone. As soon as it ruptured, I started feeling better. I was SO SO happy when I finally felt well enough to exercise!!

Here's how I did it:

1. I started with the month long squat challenge back in the spring. This really helped me gain muscle quick, and in the quads and glutes which are the largest muscles (helping boost my metabolism).

2. Then I moved on to 30 days of Les Mills Pump which was awesome for building muscle and again helping rev up my metabolism. I also walked on the treadmill. I think at this point, I was working out five or six days a week.

3. I stopped Les Mills Pump for awhile because I was gaining so much muscle (which is good), but I wanted my pants to fit better, so I focused on cardio for a month or two. I needed to see the scale drop  to keep motivated. It worked. I used T25 and run/walk intervals on my treadmill. 

4. I stayed SUPER busy all summer and ate less. Eat less, move more. I never deprived myself of anything, but a stressful summer will do that to ya! 


*Start out slow. I really think starting out with just one change (the 30 day squat challenge), helped me ease back into fitness. After having a hurt back for so long I was totally out of shape, and starting out with just that one change helped me stay at it. 

* Be consistent. I cannot say enough about being consistent. There were a few weeks here and there that I just didn't have the energy to fit in workouts along with everything I had going on, but for the most part I've averaged at least four workouts per week. 

* Be accountable. Another thing that worked for me was posting on social media. Whether it be my blog or usually Instagram, it helped me stay accountable. If you surround yourself with likeminded people who also enjoy fitness and being motivated, your frequent posts won't annoy them. :)

* Do what you love. Of course I am a HUGE fan of Beachbody DVD's, namely T25, TurboFire and Les Mills Pump. But I really do love them all and think they are worth every penny! If you're a gym rat, a dance, love to hike or are a runner...stick to that. Whatever works for you!!

Hopefully my sharing these embarrassing before pics will help inspire someone out there to get up off that couch and move.