Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where Are They Now? {motivate me monday updates}

For those of you who have read this blog for a while, you'll remember the inspirational series called Motivate Me Monday where many women shared their weight loss, running and fitness journeys. I thought it would be fun to give you an update and show you what some of my the featured guests are up to. Here's proof you can lose weight the old fashioned way and keep it off!

Amanda's Original Feature
Amanda over at Friday Love Song is working as a graphic designer, being a mom to her three kids and two dogs. She has kept 130 pounds off through healthy eating, Beachbody workouts, and staying accountable by blogging. She's has a ton of followers on Facebook who she helps inspire. People who are desperately searching for advice on how to lose weight. Amanda pays it forward daily by sharing fitness tips and healthy recipes over at

Marissa's Original Feature
Marissa from Let's Move It Mommas is still going strong all these years later. After losing over 90 pounds, she even kicked it up a notch by running several half marathon's and starting her own group fitness class for local Texas women. Yep, Monday through Thursday's you can be a part of Move It Mommas for only $10 a week. She is SO inspiring I can hardly take it. Reading her blog always reminds me of how helpful blogging and Instagram is for keeping me accountable. I just love how passionate she is about helping others discover a healthy lifestyle, including her own husband.

Erin's Original Feature
Here's one of my personal faves...a total hero. Erin Henderson who not only lost over 75 pounds since 2009 and kept it off, but also runs 80-100 miles per week, is sponsored by Oiselle and Generation UCAN, has become an RRCA certified running coach, and has 12 children 9 of which are adopted and the youngest being sever special needs. I can't even wrap my brain around her. Go to her blog and check it out for yourself. She's a little muscle who never stops running (most of her runs being at four or five a.m.), no excuses! Oh, and she continues to strive to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials. I have no doubt she'll get there. You can find Erin over at See Mom Run Far.

I hope you'll check out their blogs and get your fill of inspiration and motivation....I know I did. Click here to view the entire Motivate Me Monday series.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekly Workout Wrap Up {and other fun stuff}

Arizona winters are so mild and awesome, it makes running so blissful this time of year. The sunrise Tuesday was beautiful...making five miles feel amazing. I had a pretty decent workout week. I still have a few to squeeze in but things have slowed down so that's not a problem.

Mon - 5 mile treadmill walk
Tues - 5 mile run/walk 10:42 pace
Wed - 3.7 mile run/walk 9:51 pace
Thurs - rest
Fri - rest 
Sat - 8 miles run/walk + Les Mills Pump

I'm definitely more limber later in the day as shown in my time from Wednesday's evening run. Mornings are a bit chilly and I'm not one for warming up. I just hit start on my Garmin and go. My mileage isn't what I would like it to be. Right now I'm still battling my achilles tendon acting up and the never ending plantar fasciitis in my left foot. On top of that, my lower back is flaring up again. Oh GEEZ. I sound like an old lady. Oh well, I'm just happy I can still get out there. I just have to keep remembering not to compare myself to others. That's the kiss of death right?!?! Of course it's hard not to when you see the speedy times on IG every day. That's OK, Instagram friends are awesome and they totally motivate me!

Earlier this week, Sophia and I had our annual Nutcracker mother-daughter date. It's always fun to dress up (minus the heels), and pretend we're civilized. :)

Sophia and Kade with Santa at the work party. Sophia was SO happy about her Barbie, she said she stared at it the whole way home and played with it all night. She's so funny. 
Tuesday my husband graduated from ASU with a Bachelors of Applied Science degree, with honors and always making the deans list. He also did it in lightening speed. Woo hoo! Now for dental school at the University of New England in Portland, Maine. In case you missed it, we decided to move and go for the adventure back east. I know it will be SO cold...but at least we won't have to photoshop snowflakes on our Christmas card. LOL.

Two and a half years ago when Kimball made the decision to switch careers, and go back to school we got mixed reactions from people. Many were awesome and happy for us, but I was totally baffled how some of our family and friends could be negative or unsupportive. I'm sure some thought he was crazy to start over at his age, and maybe even jealous he was in a position to do so (in my opinion). It was really sad, I felt bad for him and had to tell one close friend to "get on board...he's going to need the encouragement". Then there were also those who clearly thought I must be pushing him into a more lucrative career and were, let's just say...less than kind to me. This could not have been farther from the truth! To be honest, it totally irked me considering, this was a huge sacrifice on my part too. I KNOW many wives wouldn't agree to it. We canceled the plans for our custom home, had to sell our properties, had to start living off our savings and put tons of money toward books and tuition. We closed our business of fourteen years and sold everything off, and it's obviously not ideal to have him gone so much during our kids junior high and high school age years. I actually remember going to the doctor a few days into it, and asking if he'd hook me up with some kind of anxiety medicine. I was so scared and knew I'd need it. :) I didn't think twice when he asked me if I would be OK with him going back to school and doing something completely different. After all, he's the provider and I want him to be happy going off to work each day.

I remember how nervous he was walking out of the house with his backpack on the first day of school, after an eighteen years. It took a lot of courage but I'm SO glad he ignored the negative noise, believed in himself and went for it! I'm proud of all his hard work, and for showing our kids it's never too late and that anything's possible with dedication and hard work. 

Kimball was lucky to have such a great group of friends to study with and the cool thing is, they're all getting into schools all over the U.S. it's exciting to see everyone starting a new chapter of life, but we'll miss them for sure. Oh and the guy showing off his belly...he's mine (said in my best Mitchell Pritchett voice). :)
Getting into two great dental schools at thirty-nine (or any age) is also a HUGE accomplishment, and once again I'm surprised at some of the comments people say (or don't say) about it and about our move. You'd think it would all be congratulations and "Wow, what a great opportunity!" Oh well, we're totally proud of him, we'll support him these next four years and hopefully make some amazing family memoriesThanks so much to those of you who have given nonstop encouragement, who've been understanding when he's had to miss things, and for letting him know he could do it. 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

My 5 a.m. morning face. I SO hate getting out of bed, but I have to fit it in.


After talking to my friend Samantha over at Crafty Texas Girls, I've decided to mimic her workouts in hopes of getting her sculpted, hot bod. I will have to eat a little lot better too...which is a bummer. :) Her schedule goes like this...

M, W, F - run five miles (Friday being a day that adds one mile per week up to 12 miles, when prepping for a half). 

T, Th - weighted cardio workout or HIIT workout. 

I like the simplicity of it, plus she just PR'd again at her last half so... :)  Congrats girl!!!


DECISIONS: for the big decision, it looks like it's the University of New England. The whole family is excited at the idea of moving to Portland, Maine. I decided to organize my thoughts and make a pros and cons list and asked the kids to each make their own. Besides everyone saying they wanted to move, the pros and cons list was a definite indicator of what we should do. I was surprised my list of pros was as long as it was (a full page), and the cons only took up four or five lines.

Jaxon refused to even write down any negatives because he thinks it's all positive. It's pretty surprising for high school and junior high age kids to be so exited about a big move/change such as this, but they're kind of unusual kids.

Sophia's list was hilarious and went something like this...
Pros = snow, snowball fights, ice skating, sledding, skiing, play in the leaves, new friends, new school
Cons = friends, school, swimming

Kade had a more balanced list but said the cons aren't really negatives to him such as (change school & church friends, hassle of moving, farther from family).

Kimball is for both, it depends on who he's talking to. :) He hates to disappoint people and working at the dental school here makes it hard for him to officially say. He likes both schools and would be happy with either. It's no secret that Arizona is OVER SATURATED with dentists, so knowing Maine has a big need for them (because of so many retiring dentists) is a great thing. Also, Kimball likes the idea of buying a small farm out there...something he's always wanted to do.

I'm sad to pass up an awesome full time position at the dental schools portable clinic, but in the end, I realized I couldn't let that be the reason to hold us all back from this exciting opportunity. And like Kimball said, I can get another job. :(

Looks like we're going to have another crazy/busy summer!! Ahhhh!! #holdme


The concert Sunday night was AWESOME. Five ladies at the end rushed the stage while he was singing Home. It was crazy and they got dragged off by security. Not sure what they were thinking? Or drinking? Lol.

To everyone who follows me on Facebook or Instagram. I'm sorry for the overload of pics and videos that night. #sorrynotsorry At least I didn't rush the stage. :) #lonelyhousewives

Sharing is caring so I present to you Saints of Valory. They're the fabulous band that opened for Phillip. I'm hooked, and they're headlining in Phoenix this March. Anyone? :) 

Not only is it that time of year (tons of holiday parties), Kimball will be graduating from ASU next week so we've got a lot of graduation celebrations to attend. It's really fun to see all of his pre-dental friends applying and getting accepted to schools all over the country. What an exciting time for them to finally see all their hard work and sacrifice pay off!!

K, gotta run.

SO MUCH TO GET DONE. The day goes by way too quickly!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Slip-Ups, Hair, Good Music & Life

Kimball got us concert tickets for tonight to see Phillip Phillips. I've never been an American Idol groupie or anything but this guy has TALENT. Like since the day he auditioned he was clearly a dude. I can hardly wait. I'll let you know how much I loved it in a few days.

This is what my workouts were supposed to look like this week.
Mon - 3 mile TM walk
Tues - 6 mile run, HIIT 30 min.
Wed - rest
Thur - 6 mile run/walk, weights
Fri - rest
Sat - Long run 8 miles
Sun - Rest Day (stretch)

Instead it looked like this...
Mon - 3 mile TM walk
Tues - 6 miles, HIIT 30 min.

Oopsie. Here's my slip-up. I was interning all week so I'd tell myself rather than waking early (except for Tuesday), I'd just go for an amazing run when I got home, or get on the treadmill. The second place I went wrong was not having meals planned out well for my family. By the time I got home, it was a scramble to get dinner ready or I was making a mad dash to the grocery store and all the other things on my 'mommy to do list'. Then...I'd be pooped and ready to plop down on the couch. Seriously if I sit down after work, it's all over. This time of year is just busy. I'm also blaming it on the STRESS we are feeling over what to do. I feel like my anxiety has been growing all week so it started to drain me. Excuses, excuses I know. The stupid thing is, I know what I really need is a good endorphin high. At least I got in a good run on Tuesday. :) I was happy with my time, I really want to get faster...I just need to put in the work and start pushing myself (not something I've done in years with running), so we'll see. 

I've been wanting a new hair cut and color. Here are some ideas I'm mulling over. This first one, love the color, not the cut. Yes. Even the blue and pink. Love it. I must be having a mid-life crisis!

We still haven't made a final decision about which dental school to pick. At least not out loud. :/ I think we're both scared to put it out there in fear of changing our mind.

Or...I don't know, it's just so overwhelming to think about moving to Maine or staying and passing up such an awesome opportunity. 

Until Kimball actually says what's up, I'll just keep dreaming of lighthouses and worrying about the's what I do. :) 
I'm a dingy I guess because I've thought about this C.S. Lewis quote forever and can't decide if he meant to follow your heart or head? Hmmm. Anyone? I'm pretty sure we should follow our head...the heart is fickle.

I had a full and busy work week, as I've mentioned many times I LOVE being back in the dental field and how much I like the people I work for (technically I'm still considered an intern) and with. Unfortunately crap hit the fan on Friday night.
Big Frown Face.

I can't really talk about it. Don't you just love it when people bring something up and then say "I can't talk about it?" I did nothing wrong, I've been working super hard going above and beyond since August. My bosses are awesome, it wasn't their doing, it's complicated. Man it sucked though, I've had to give myself some serious pep talks over the weekend. Crossing my fingers and toes it all works out. I guess I'll just work on my NASM CPT for the time being. 

Chin up, back straight, things will get better.

So tell me what you think that quote meant.
Which hairstyle/color do you like?
Do you like Phillip Phillips? Or another former AI winner?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Decisions Decisions....

December 1st came and went.
It was totally exciting and yet excruciating.
He got in.
To both dental schools.
University of New England (Portland, Maine) and A.T. Still (Mesa, Arizona).
Now we have a difficult decision to make.
{Insert moans, sighs, screams and tears}.

We heart Arizona. 
We love all our friends here.
This comfortable home.
Our jobs.
Laying poolside.
The familiar.
Fourteen years of memories.

 Portland is just north of Boston, the location could not be better.

New adventures.
Different scenery.
History museums.
Art gallery's.
Sixty-nine light houses.
The coastal life.
My cute niece Melanie and family.
Await us.


Naturally, we are having a rough time. Thirteen years ago we were going to move back to Utah after only one year of being in Arizona. Kimball planned to attend the University of Utah and then move on to dental school. The time drew closer, we were one week out from the big move. We had jobs, schools and a Uhaul all lined up, and at the last minute, we both panicked. We decided we were comfortable here and we'd miss our friends too much.

So now, thirteen years we are again, approaching dental school with the option of moving, but feeling comfortable here and totally sad at the idea of leaving our friends.

If you love it = frame it. Just some of thousands of pics taken on our trips back east.

I'm sentimental. I get attached to people. I have a hard time saying goodbye. I love my bosses, coworkers and the patients. 

But, I also love fresh starts and traveling...and I absolutely DIE over New England and the east coast. When we were on THIS TRIP and I spent my time swooning over the beauty and taking thousands of pictures, I kept saying how much I wish we could move there. Of course that was back when we had our masonry business and we both thought we'd forever been in Arizona. I CANNOT even believe Kimball has made my dream possible!! Who would have thought he'd get into my #1 pick of schools? They only give out sixty four seats. What are the chances he'd get an interview, AND that he would love it? Pinch me!

A few years ago when we discussed as a family the idea of Kimball changing careers, the biggest factor that made it a no brainer to me was that we would finally have options. A chance to move back east. We were all excited at the thought and said, "Let's do it!" 

 Our boys are SO excited at the idea of moving. Seeing new places (Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newport, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Virginia etc.,)
and it's hard to say no to that opportunity for them. 

They are both history buffs and lovers of art and culture. 

Of course Jaxon took the scholarly approach by getting his teachers and college counselor's input before voicing his final opinion. Sophia's all about living by the ocean and she's still missing her cousin Stratton...they bonded quickly. In like ten minutes really, funny how kids are. :) 

This is an old military fort right by the big lighthouse. SO neat. It reminded me of the house in Jane Eyre that burned down.

As long as this post is, I have more to say but I'm out of time. 

Talk later,