Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My New Love

I just have to love on this new workout for a minute. 
T25 is like the shorter condensed version of Insanity. 
I love it.

No really though, I get asked a lot which Beachbody workouts I like the best and now that I've tried everything out there (accept Power 90 and Tai Chi,)...my current faves are T25 and Les Mills Pump. I'll go a step further and tell you I also love Turbo Fire still and PiYo. I need to do more PiYo, but I'm a cardio junkie and love the results I get from weights so yes, I love Pilates/Yoga but I have to force myself to make it happen. When I do...I never regret it, but for that reason I prefer T25 and Pump.

Anyway, I'm training for another half marathon so I'll definitely keep this workout in my mix of cross-training. I'm trying to be valiant with the weights 2-3 times a week as well. 

I have to tell you, sweat is definitely my sanity right now!
I've lost seven pounds and no it's not the workouts.
Life happened.

I'm banking on that saying, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. 


Running for a Reason

I have so much to blog about and catch you up on, we've had some fun happenings lately. I'm dying to tell you about our service trip to Mexico. Even though things have slowed down a bit, stresses are still high around here for many reasons. I'm trying to breathe it all in and love it all out...which can be a challenge at times. That's life I guess.

I'll get more time to blog in a few weeks when the two youngest return to school. Until then, I just thought I'd spread the word about this virtual 5k. It's to benefit Courtney, a local teen battling cancer. You can run anytime in August. Go here to sign up or donate!! Make sure to tweet, Facebook, or Instagram a picture and shout out to help spread the love. Use hashtags #teamCourtney and #runforCourtney. 


Friday, August 1, 2014

One Year Ago Today....

It's hard to believe it's been a year since my mom passed away. I never really believed people when they said, "Not a day goes by that I don't think about them," but it's SO true, {insert lump in throat}. I'm so grateful for all that she taught me (hard work, compassion, charity, friendliness), for the amazing grandma she was to my kids (loving, caring, fun, devoted), and for the easy going, sweet, generous, and supportive mother-in-law she was to Kimball.

I remember at her funeral I just wanted to lay down in her grave with her. I didn't want her to leave me. I wanted to protect her, and take care of her, but I know that she's in a good place and busy with friends and family who have passed. Most of all, I'm glad she can rest and be free of her pain and struggles.
I know we'll be together again someday,  so until then we'll just keep laughing at all our "Bernie stories", because seriously they're endless.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday {weekly workouts, school and moves}

Warning: This post contains a sick amount of selfies. Lol.

Less than a week until Mexico. Aaaahhhh!!! I've got so much to do!

I've been totally selfish and irresponsible this week. I'm fitting in my workouts and pool time even though my house could be cleaner, I could be crossing things off my to do list, like meal prep, wash car, budget, buy school supplies etc... 

Cute suit, but makes for some crazy tan lines.

I'm trying not to even worry about it. All hell will break loose in about two days and it's gonna be CRAZY around here for a good month...I'm gearing up I suppose. 

Sunday - Rest
Monday - early morning 5k
Tuesday - 3 mile treadmill run/walk & strength training (Les Mills Pump)
Wednesday - Hard core abs & walk 45 min.
Thursday - 3 mile treadmill run/walk & upper body (Piyo)
Friday - 3 mile run & lower body (PiYo)
Saturday - Turbo Fire

I've lost 5-6 lbs., which isn't much but it's nice to see the scale finally cooperating after all my hard work with strength training and consistent workouts.    

My bookworm a.k.a. Jaxon starts school on Monday. The boy is so excited, he just can't get enough learning, and this year he's in student government so it will be a new experience for him. Did I mention, he'll turn 16 in a few months? Hold me.

In other breaking news...
My brother informed me this morning he's moving. I've been crying all morning. It's been so nice having some of my family in Arizona this past year. I just love my brother Clark so much and his wife and three kiddos are adorable. It was fun while it lasted. I think we made some pretty fun memories in the short time they've been here.

 Congrats on your promotion bro!!!

How did your workouts go this week?

Do you spend a lot of time at the pool?

When do your kids go back to school?
My oldest goes back Monday, the littles...August 4th and 25th.
What's been your favorite summer moment?
We had to cancel our family vacation....totally bummed but the DAT comes first, and Kimball needed more time to study so he pushed it back. With a family reunion and our service trip to Mexico...it got bumped. Sucks but what can you do? Hoping to get one in over fall break. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Salmon Cedar Wraps {what i ate wednesday}

Summer is in full swing and I am busy busy busy...
like I'm sure every other mom in the U.S. of A. is.

This post will be short and sweet.

Here's three quick reasons to eat up on your salmon.
  1. Salmon is considered a rare brain superfood: eating salmon feeds your brain essential nutrients, making your happier and smarter.
  2. Salmon also increases your cardiovascular health and protect your eyes.
  3. It's an excellent source of vitamin D and contains tryptophan, which helps you sleep.

Breakfast - cherries & water
Lunch - quacamole & chips
Snack - chopped veggies
Dinner - bran cereal, skim milk & banana

I bought these cedar wraps at the store and we all loved how moist and flavorful the salmon turned out. Definitely something I'll do more often.

It's mid July, it's Arizona, it's hot, sticky and gross.

I wish I could skip the next month and a half...every single year. 

Thanks to the monsoon storms (usually at night), the humidity shot up.

Yep, I'm pretty much over summer.

This is the first summer since we moved here 14 years ago that Kimball has been able to sleep in....and I'm not about to miss out on that for an early morning run. Luckily I have my new treadmill, my Les Mills Pump and PiYo DVDs to keep me nice and cool in my air conditioned house.

I'd love to blog more, and I look forward to it once the littles are back to school and we get this next month of crazy out of the way!! 

What are you doing with the remainder of your summer?
Are you a salmon lover?
What are the temps like where you live?

Have a fabulous hump day!!