Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday {weekly workouts, school and moves}

Warning: This post contains a sick amount of selfies. Lol.

Less than a week until Mexico. Aaaahhhh!!! I've got so much to do!

I've been totally selfish and irresponsible this week. I'm fitting in my workouts and pool time even though my house could be cleaner, I could be crossing things off my to do list, like meal prep, wash car, budget, buy school supplies etc... 

Cute suit, but makes for some crazy tan lines.

I'm trying not to even worry about it. All hell will break loose in about two days and it's gonna be CRAZY around here for a good month...I'm gearing up I suppose. 

Sunday - Rest
Monday - early morning 5k
Tuesday - 3 mile treadmill run/walk & strength training (Les Mills Pump)
Wednesday - Hard core abs & walk 45 min.
Thursday - 3 mile treadmill run/walk & upper body (Piyo)
Friday - 3 mile run & lower body (PiYo)
Saturday - Turbo Fire

I've lost 5-6 lbs., which isn't much but it's nice to see the scale finally cooperating after all my hard work with strength training and consistent workouts.    

My bookworm a.k.a. Jaxon starts school on Monday. The boy is so excited, he just can't get enough learning, and this year he's in student government so it will be a new experience for him. Did I mention, he'll turn 16 in a few months? Hold me.

In other breaking news...
My brother informed me this morning he's moving. I've been crying all morning. It's been so nice having some of my family in Arizona this past year. I just love my brother Clark so much and his wife and three kiddos are adorable. It was fun while it lasted. I think we made some pretty fun memories in the short time they've been here.

 Congrats on your promotion bro!!!

How did your workouts go this week?

Do you spend a lot of time at the pool?

When do your kids go back to school?
My oldest goes back Monday, the littles...August 4th and 25th.
What's been your favorite summer moment?
We had to cancel our family vacation....totally bummed but the DAT comes first, and Kimball needed more time to study so he pushed it back. With a family reunion and our service trip to got bumped. Sucks but what can you do? Hoping to get one in over fall break. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!